Arthrostim Gentle and Effective Adjusting Instrument

An Arthrostim is an instrument that is used as a less forceful alternative to manual adjustments. In many circles, the Arthrostim is viewed as a sort of next generation activator. This tool is mostly user specific because it can be adjusted to deliver anywhere from a few ounces of force all the way up to a maximum threshold of as high as 40 pounds of force. The Arthrostim tool can produce up to twelve thrusts each second; twelve hertz is a higher frequency than can typically be achieved from alternative methods or devices used for adjustment. This frequency is also known as “the low beta somatomotor rhythm.” This method is considered more accurate because it allows for a more correctly reverberated frequency through the joint and beyond into more distant tissues. This, in turn, will release even more trigger points, further from the source.

Arthrostim at workArthrostim at work


The VibraCussor helps a practitioner quickly produce large/ gross tissue changes - so more time and energy can be reserved for the subtle tissue refinement procedures, which is what skilled hands are truly best at doing.

Vibrocusser at work